Surya Namaskar – A complete detailed guide for a perfect yoga workout

How Surya Namaskar is performed? Sun salutation or Surya Namaskar is performed by practicing 12 Asanas of Surya Namaskar while facing the sunrise. Sun Salutation Mantras may accompany the Surya Namaskar. The Chants chime in the mind, breath, and body ultimately leading to spiritual harmony along with the physical power. STEPS OF SURYA NAMASKAR 1. […]

Best 10 Yoga Asanas And Prayanamas To Cure Diabetes!

Diabetes is a modern epidemic, which affects millions and millions of people across the world! It can slowly take away the quality of your life and decrease a person’s life expectancy. Before it gets serious, we recommend you to do Yoga for Diabetes management. With a combination of asanas, breathing exercises and Mudras, this practice […]


Yoga Breathing Exercise Kapalbhati Benefits and its Dangers In Sanskrit Kapal means forehead and Bhati means shining. Practicing Kapalbhati on a daily basis results in shining face with inner radiance. In kapalbhati quick exhalation and natural inhalation are performed. Quick exhalation generally takes about 1/4 of the time of inhalation. Quick exhalation and natural inhalation […]

The 10 EASY AND IMPORTANT Health And Fitness Tips 2019

We Are Living In The 21st Century Where Being Healthy And Fit Is A Challenge To Everyone. We Use Advanced Technologies To Make Our Lives Comfortable And Fast. From Medical Science To Web Technologies, Advancement Is Everywhere. Here Are Some Special Fitness Tips To Improve Your Health And Wellness. The Whole World Is In Our Fist […]

Hello world!

HI, I’m Ashish Chauhan I started this fitness(Health) blog because I want you to live your life at your best and become the best version of yourself. I am a professional yoga trainer , teaching yoga from so many years and now MY GOAL is to reach as many peope as possible to help and […]

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